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Two best friends with albinism have launched an Instagram account to show the world that different can be beautiful.  Sammy McCombe, 12, and Lucy Carpenter, 14, launched the @lucy_and_sammy account to turn 'disability' into 'ability' and raise awareness about their condition.  The two girls were born with oculocutaneous albinism, a rare inherited disorder that affects skin and hair, as well as vision.  Best friends Sammy McCombe, 12, and Lucy Carpenter, 14, have launched an Instagram account to raise awareness about albinism  The girls are using the account to explore their love for fashion and photography, as well as show the world that different is beautiful  They have been inseparable ever since they attended a Guide Dogs Australia camp six years ago, bonding over everything from shared experiences to a love of fashion. Both girls have dealt with the stares and the questions, from 'Why is your hair so blonde?' to 'Why do your eyes shake?'  People will sometimes ask the girls 'How many fingers am I holding up?', mocking their vision problems.  'I've been called four-eyes and a ghost and have even been compared to animals,' Lucy told Daily Mail Australia.  'But I just ignore those comments and move on because those people aren't worth my time.'  And the girls both know what it's like to sometimes feel left out, whether because of their looks or their light sensitivity. 'Some challenges I face can be as simple as not fitting into a category when your Year Two maths class is sorting people into groups by their eye colour,' Lucy said.  'Or it can be as difficult as struggling to navigate around a certain area independently.'  Sammy likewise finds it 'near impossible' to walk outdoors when the sun is out.  Both girls have loved meeting up to try on clothes at their favourite shops and create impromptu photo shoots in dressing rooms and bedroom displays for their account Lucy and Sammy have been inseparable since they attended a Guide Dogs Australia camp six years ago, bonding over everything from shared experiences to a love of fashion 'I often have to sit out in class activities because it is simply too hard for me to take part,' she said.  'I always end up either blinded by the sun, or hit in the head with a basketball.'  But despite the obstacles they face, neither Lucy or Sammy have ever felt uncomfortable in their own skin.  'I've never had a problem accepting the fact that I look a little different and can't see as well as others,' Lucy said.  'I believe that is because of my lovely parents, who have taught me that I am no different to anyone else.'  Sammy likewise said she loved her 'unique look'.   Now the girls are celebrating their features on a joint Instagram account, which they were inspired to create after attending a local Albinism meetup in Geelong. 'In this group was a six-month-old baby. Her mum showed us her Instagram account, where she dresses her daughter in cute outfits and accessories,' Sammy said.  'She suggested that we also start an account. Before I knew it, Lucy had signed up!'  Lucy and Sammy are hoping their Instagram page will inspire others to embrace their individuality. 'The message we want to send out is that everyone is beautiful, and that it doesn't matter what you look like or what condition you might have,' Lucy said.  'Difference is beautiful,' Sammy added. 'We can raise awareness for albinism and teach people about us!'  Both girls have loved meeting up to try on clothes at their favourite shops and create impromptu photo shoots in dressing rooms and bedroom displays for their account.  They have both dealt with questions like 'Why is your hair so blonde?' to 'Why do your eyes shake?', but hope their account will teach Australians more about albinism  'It's extremely fun to see people's faces when we're walking through Target in pyjamas,' Lucy said.  The girls have found their passion for fashion and photography while building the page, and were shocked at how much positive feedback they've already received. 'We have learned that everyone is so accepting of us and encouraging,' Lucy said.  'People all around the world are extremely interested in learning about our condition or enjoy talking to us because they have Albinism too.'  'We get heaps of comments saying that people really enjoy our posts and telling us how beautiful we are. These comments always make us smile.'  The girls are hoping they will eventually be tapped to model for a major company, and dream of reaching 10,000 followers.  Lucy and Sammy also want to continue teaching their fellow Australians about albinism, and that there is more to them than their condition.

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